Time to get on the road again, although have to say most weeks we are on the road somewhere, usually the next contract.  Leaving behind lovely spots like this.

A favourite St Albans home in spring
Spring is here although the temperatures don't seem to tell us that.   The Bluebells are late but are as vibrant as ever.

Ernest dressed and off to support Dad's cricket match
 We've had family over from NZ and its been wonderful to catch up and spend some relaxed time together. Their children are all rather settled in the UK, for the time being that is, and with a new grandchild here there's quite a pull to come visiting.

A happy Granny

Arundel was the meeting point as that is home for Matt, Hilary and Ernest and Andrew.

It's a delightful, small market town down in West Sussex about half way between Chichester and Brighton.  A popular tourist destination, Arundel is famous for its magnificent Medieval Castle that towers above the town along with the French Gothic styled Cathedral and the  thriving Farmers Market ( a popular monthly event)..  Also some wonderful pubs, galleries, coffee shops and we were even treated to some Morris dancers on Market day.

Sheelagh, Nick, Hilary and Alastair

Out for a walk with Alastair, Sheelagh, Hilary and Ernest.  We followed the River Arun up stream to Burpham and stopped for a great pub lunch then on the way back visited an Arundel icon the Black Rabbit Pub.

Visited the Fishbourne Roman Palace  and admired the superb collection of mosaics, some of which are the earliest ever seen in Britain. The site was only discovered by accident in 1960 when a local farmer was digging a main water trench.  Archaeologists proceeded to uncover the remains of this huge Roman Villa, which is larger than Buckingham Palace,  believed to have been built in 1st century AD.

There was also evidence of underfloor heating

Cupid on Dolphin Mosaic believed laid in the mid 2nd century 

Alastair, David and Sheelagh

Another lovely walk in around Midhurst, Cowdray Park Polo fields, Golf Course and ruins.  Dave's eyes lit up with some wonderful memories of this glorious place.

Polo fields


David and Lori 

Another lovely walk with Lori, finishing at St Mary's Church in Hartley Wespall.  The massive wooden beams used in both the ceiling and back wall date back to 1320.

AuthorDavid and Nicci Cambridge