Plaza de Espana

Off to Malaga this time, on a house buying expedition with friends David and Judy. They're keen to find a spot that they can run away to when the need for blue sky and sunshine gets to much.  So we've tagged along and in between the more serious house hunting we can attempt to lead them astray or vice versa.

La Zenia

We picked up a car from Malaga Airport and drove on up to Alicante.  We managed, with some skill,  to stretch out a trip that was to take five hours into almost 10 hours.  Finally found our AirBnB appartment in Santa Pola, a few miles down the coast from where we had been circling for the last few hours,  and were greeted with a bottle of wine and some local delicaces.  One of the pluses of using this type of accomadation!!

Benidorm  - through the rain.
Spent a few days viewing houses in Cabo Roig, La Zenia, Playa Flamenca  and Punta Prema.   Even made it down to Benidorm.  No photos needed here - rather a sad sight of greed and corruption.

Coffee time
Time for some sightseeing as we head back east.  A day in Granada, new to David and Jude, and a revisit for us.  A delightful day to absorb the atmosphere of this fascinating city, wander the streets or just enjoy a coffee, beer and tapas. 


Next stop Seville - a city full of history, culture and colour.  It has a charm about it, even a romantic feel and they say is one of the few large cities that remains an authentic slice of Spain. Once a centre of bullfighting and flamenco dancing it remains colourful and vibrant.  


Seville colours



Places like the Plaza de Espana and the huge Gothic Cathedral are simply breath taking.  A superb example of the Moorish influence, some spectacular architecture throughout the whole city.

Plaza de Espana

Beautiful Blue ceramic 

Plaza de Espana
Plaza de Espana

We stayed in the heart of the city in a older hostel type hotel. Three story's high, tiled covered walls, steep stairs, no lift, open roof and atrium, and you step out the door into a maze of thin winding cramped streets and flowering balconies.

Sadly we didn't time it with any of its famous festivals but we did partake it a little bit of the nightlife.  One of the magical things about Spain is the relaxed dining hours.  Any time, anywhere you can stop and have a glass of wine or a beer, a tapas or maybe indulge in a thick rich hot chocolate and churros. The less inviting looking the bar, the better the experience.  We managed to find a place packed full of locals but run by a charming Spainard  who had spent 15 years in Melbourne and was delighted to have four Kiwi's in his midst and under his influence.  It was such a good night we took a crowd back the next 

Alamillo Bridge - 142m high mast

A colourful view from apartment terrace

A classic rooftop view

View from Metropol Parasol

Lori, Robyn, David, Judy, Nick, John

We caught up with some American friends and admired the city from their roof top apartment.

Metropol Parasol
 Next door was the controversial Metropol Parasol, which gave us an even better view .  Below this huge wooden waffle like structure which was only finished in 2011,  is a farmers market and the site of some Roman ruins.

Seville delivers

We left with that wonderful feeling of wanting more.


AuthorDavid and Nicci Cambridge