Next spot was absolutely fabulous - remembering we are a NZ couple who are based in the UK for a few years and want to enjoy seeing some of what Europe has to offer.  There are some gorgeous countries just over the channel and so accessible.

So when we were offered an apartment in Switzerland for ten days over Christmas we jumped at the chance.  There were lots of other places coming available over the Christmas period but really did seem like that chance for the long awaited 'White Christmas'.  Good to remember that this certainly is a great time of year to find Housesits as everybody wants a break from a miserable cold winter and or wants to be together with families in some other part of the world.

Richard's place was a little slice of heaven, on the edge of Lake Geneva in Nyon,  just a few miles out of Geneva.  He kindly picked us up from the airport and also took us across the border to France to do some grocery shopping.  We had been told that Switzerland is 'eye wateringly' expensive so were very ready to take advice from the locals.  That really is one of the wonderful things about having a wee bit of time with the owners of the house, before they head away.  A little local knowledge can go a long way and you can make the most of the time spent there.  Being introduced to a couple of local friends can be another bonus!!

We also made a wonderful discovery, just a few metres from our doorstep.  A little corner store with a plentiful supply of what Switzerland does so well - wine, cheese and chocolate, all at fabulous prices so who could ask for more?

The apartment was very European in styling, sleek and minimumlistic, but cosy and comfortable with only the pot plants to look after.   The view across the lake was stunning and when the clouds lifted the Alps looked spectacular.  We did awake to snow covered houses and streets one morning but sadly the White Christmas was not to be.

In Nyon, the Christmas decorations were all up and the streets were abuzz with action, markets full of wonderful foods, Christmas goodies and a glass of warm Gluhwein to warm the insides.   Then we hoped on the train and were in Geneva within twenty minutes admiring all those real luxury items that Switzerland its reknown for.

We also doned our cold weather gear, filled the backpack with some goodies and headed out on some glorious walks. Sometimes the blessing of not having a car means you just explore where you are and in this case it was magical.  We even made it up the mountain to a quaint village, along with its own small ski resort.  Rather fun as we left in bright sunshine and were walking on dry ground down near the lake but by the time we reached the top were in knee high snow - thank goodness we were at least wearing water proof shoes and did have a sense of humour.  We caught the cog train down and enjoyed a glorious view, perhaps next time it might be the other way around!!

AuthorDavid and Nicci Cambridge