A well timed departure from the UK as they seem to be continually waterlogged over the summer and all developing webbed feet. Lubrin turned out to be a magical spot - a rural town steeped with old fashioned ethics, a real slice of Spanish culture that hasn't changed for years. Still relient on the local agriculture, and even with an economy at rock bottom they seem to carry on with life as they have for generations.  
Nina and Nick

Ready for a walk

Nick and the team

Nina's house and two goregous dogs Lola and Charlie were delightful characters.
Dave's cave not Nina's

View towards the coast

The rambla's(old dried up river beds) behind the town were dotted with old ruins.  While the terraced hills were covered in either Almonds or Olives and as the sun went down and we were returning from our walks you would hear the tinkling of the bells as the goat herder took his charges home for the night.
Fiesta imminent

Young Flamenco dancers

Lola and Lydia
Fiesta week was hot and fun with lots happening and the town buzzing with many families, which had to go away to find jobs, coming back to visit. The flamenco dancing, the children magic shows, the different bands playing at different bars, the huge Paella made to fed the whole town and many long nights socialising. Even the children are still up at one or two am but everybody delightfully relaxed and happy.

Take your pick
Novel BBQ idea

We soon discovered that the local band performing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night in the Plaza was contracted to play till dawn!!   The entertainment was loud and clear in our bedroom till the sun came up.

Lubrin oil

Lots of new mechanised planting

View from the front door one evening (dead pig)

With all the olives what better result -delicious.  Fancy some fresh pork or goat -  Slaughtering done just outside our house on the street.
Life saver

For 1 Euro we could wallow in the local pool regularly - the perfect spot at 44oC


Men hanging around
Local characters like Beckham spent most of his time in the middle of the street. Then there were the men who always seem to be sitting around , not looking at each and probably not listening to each but certainly talking!! Sometimes see them playing dominoes or cards and then they get a bit more animated!!  But its the women who seem to get things done!

Helen, Janet, David, Francis and Steve
Many great evenings spent enjoying the warm balmy evenings with friends.

Packed up and on the road again northward bound.
AuthorDavid and Nicci Cambridge