First priority off to find some wifi, will get organized at home later but for now great excuse to check out who offers great coffee in Lubrin.  Found six bars all providing strong, smooth Spanish espresso -  Dave's smiling now and even wifi in one of them.

Picked up essentials like water, can't drink or even cook in the local water, so  better keep the mouth shut while showering or goodness knows what we might catch!
A little warmer than our last place of residence, time to put away the jeans and kiss them goodbye for the next couple of months.



  We have a menagerie right next door with two lovely big boxer dogs, a goat, about ten chooks and a couple of unbelievably loud roosters!!!  Rural spain right in the middle of the town.Our real reason for being here is of course Charly and Lola, two delightful rogues - ready for action and prepared to create it if they cant't find any, especially just outside the door where the neighbours cats snooze.

We ventured up to the swimming pool just after midday, for just one Euro we can wallow for as long as we like - perhaps the young chap there taking our money will get used to these faces.  Its a wonderful complex , two fabulous all weather football fields/tennis courts,  equipped with lights for the late night games, this great 25metre swimming pool, paddling pool, fives court and the all important pool bar open all hours of the day serving great coffee.

Enjoyed our first balmy night in Lubrin with glass of wine and nibbles on the terrace, then as the sun goes down we ventured up the 'rambla' with Charly and Lola to see some of the countryside.
AuthorDavid and Nicci Cambridge