Santander to Lubrin

Grabbed a shower on the ferry then we found some breakfast.  Nothing to exciting but at least some yogurt and fresh fruit salad.
Chatted to some nice English travellers and practiced some Spanish before arriving in at Santander by 12.15 Spanish time.  City looks far bigger and nicer than I had imagined, pity we didn't have time to wander around and explore.
Got out pretty smoothly, passports stamped and hit the road.  
First Spanish gentleman who spoke to us was the friendly policeman offering his assistance as to the strange place I was parked.

 Anyway good old Tom Tom got us out of the city and on to the motorway heading south.
Had a great drive, stopped a couple of times but over all pretty easy.  Amazing countryside, didn't expect it to be so big and expansive.  Parts of it really reminded me of the Mackenzie basin and Omarama.  Very dry and hotter as the day worn on.
Arrived in a  little village just outside Sergovia. 
Turned out to be a wonderful family style hotel run by Pilar our very gracious hostess. We had a lovely room with ensuite etc and then the use of an expansive siting room and veranda area.
We took our computers and books and sat outside, enjoyed a glass of wine, for the large price of €3 for two!!  What a perfect evening, it was warm but not too hot and we had a lovely stroll around the village at about 9pm.  

The smell of dry grass reminded me so much of a hot Blenheim summers day, grass dry as tinder.  Just like those summers down at Glenbrook. They make hay out of every area possible.
A lot of the houses look shut up and it turns out there are only a out 75 people living in the village, the rest are holiday houses belonging to people in Madrid.  A perfect spot as its close to the mountains so not too   
hot and only one and a half hours drive from Madrid.

Wow we really are in Spain proper now.  Breakfast served between 9am and 11am - so civilized!"
Breakfast was a real carbo loading of sweet biscuits, like Griffens round or super wine, lemon cake, toast with butter and jams, jamon and cheese and deep fried dough.  All washed down with a cup of tea or coffee.  This was all part of the B&B package.  Meet a really lovely family from Holland and chap from Germany who is really Italian!
A kiss goodbye from Pilar and we were on the road by 10.30.

We strolled around Segovia, a gorgeous old city with amazing aqueduct and cathedral.

On the road by 12.30 and a good drive.  About 4.30 hours today and bit stressful getting through Madrid but other than that pretty easy. Did get hotter and hotter as day wore on,reaching 36oC by 4.30 and the poor old Ipad, our TomTom, seized up.  Dave cooled her down by dangling out the window and we continued on the road.  
Scenery not as good today, but lots of vineyards.  In fact as you drive through this centre of Spain everything  is big.  Cropping farms, vineyards, olive groves, orange groves and other fruit orchards.
Made it to Hellim, pronounced Egim by spot on 6pm although it was a rather interesting drive around the town, very very small winding streets with numerous being one way!!
Had a nice Apartment upstairs - great value at only €25 but very hot being on third floor.
Wandered out to a supermarket found some bread, meats, delicious nectarines just like tree ripened, and bottle of red wine€1.55.  Then afterwards strolled the streets.   A lovely safe family orientated type of town.
AuthorDavid and Nicci Cambridge