Our first real visit to the Switzerland came this December when we were lucky enough to have a lovely apartment to Housesit in Nyon. Our responsibilities were minor, with only some pot plants to water but that was all the reason we needed to hop on the plane.

Nyon is a small town set on the shore of Lake Geneva about a twenty minute train ride north of Geneva city itself.

We arrived to snow, which was very exciting, as David had never experienced a true white Christmas and we were envisaging knee deep snow around for weeks. Sadly it only lay for a couple of days but we were truly spoilt by the variation in weather - just like experiencing all the different seasons of the year in one week.
One morning we awoke to the most amazing view of the lake and the alps, even Mount Blanc standing tall and as the day worn on the sun highlighted different peaks and it was a continual slide show. Other mornings were damp or even heavy fog but as it cleared we were always treated to spectacular views.

Most days we strapped the backpack on, filled our lunch boxes, toped up the water bottles and set out to explore. With such wonderful countryside just at our doorstep it was hard not to smile as we set off. Even though one day the sense of humour was severely tested when we found ourselves knee deep in snow, no other walkers to be seen and still thirty minutes from the town of Saint Cergue, our destination. But we made it and the train trip back down was a treat.

Other days were a little less demanding as we wandered through beautiful countryside and vineyards stumbling upon small farming villages.

Christmas was a very low key affair with just the two of us, but we did spend considerable time Skypeing family members back home in New Zealand, and enjoying some excited grandchildren who had been awake since one am full of anticipation for what was under the Christmas tree.

New Years Eve was even quieter although David did enjoy the tolling of the bells and the fireworks at midnight. I have to admit I didn't even make it to see the New Year in but that's a little unusual for me.

Oh, the pot plants are doing well.

Us, we arrived rested back in Edinburgh, grateful of the experience of a beautiful part of the world and the generosity of good friends letting us enjoy a very different and delightful Festive season.

Hope you did too.
AuthorDavid and Nicci Cambridge